Let’s Catch Up

I feel a little weird picking up my phone to type out a blog post. I’ve told you guys that I’m slowly easing back into things (and admittedly I wish I had never drifted from my own blog… even though professionally this has paid off).

Here’s what’s been going on with me.

  1. I have literally been wearing the same makeup for over a month. I wear the exact same makeup routine and I haven’t bought ANY new products. My ten minute face is essentially my daily look.
  2. BUT I have found a new favorite lip product. The Clinique glosswear gloss in Juicy Apple is my daily lip color.
  3. Work has been busy. I have been busy. I’m slowly learning my work-life balance but it’s been tricky.
  4. Shows I’ve been extra loving: Blackish, Rick and Morty.
  5. Posts I plan on writing: an explanation about what exactly I do for work, since a lot of you are curious. Also, sharing what I carry in my everyday and work bag (it’s really heavy).
  6. What I’ve been reading: Manrepeller, my usual blogs (I’m catching up!), Forbes, Business Insider, Post Grad Problems, Levo League.
  7. What I’ve been wearing: blazers, pants, heels, cute blouses… you know.
  8. What I’ve been sharing: if you aren’t following me on twitter, be sure to do so! I tweet all the time!


“I think as humans, no one remembers their successes, everyone just remembers their failures.”

-Mindy Kaling


What have you guys been up to?




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