My Life Goal Plan

I made my goal plan a little while ago, and it’s something that I always keep saved on my phone.

People work differently, but I find that it motivates me when I need a little reminder of where I want to be in time. Whenever I’m feeling stressed or need a little boost, it instantly makes me feel determined again.

I downloaded a goal planning template from Pinterest and then annotated it with Notability! It was a nice little afternoon I spent thinking about my future and dreaming of some plans.

The key here is to be honest with yourself. Lauren tells me that I’m responsibly ambitious, which I think describes me well. Although I’m incredibly ambitious and passionate, I have learned that you have to understand what you’re capable of and that honestly, there are some limits.

I don’t expect to be a director of development in a year or to have my car paid off in a month. Some things take time (or experience!) and we have to acknowledge that.

I think the most important thing about this document are the life goals. Although the stuff in between will change, I’ve found that in life there’s some things that I’ve always wanted. I’ve always wanted to be happy and to have a career that I love. I have always wanted to do work that is impactful and meaningful. I’ve always wanted to have unforgettable moments and to love and support my family (the one I have now and the one I will have someday).

So, take some time, think about your future, dream about your accomplishments… and make them happen.


“I would love to be remembered as a person who used her life to inspire others in any way, shape or form.”

-Viola Davis>


What’s your five year plan? What do you hope to accomplish in your life?



9 thoughts on “My Life Goal Plan

  1. I love this post so much!! As I’m preparing for grad school applications, I sat and thought about my five year plan. For me, it’s pretty simple and straight forward — get my MPH in Epidemiology and then hopefully get into the two-year fellowship program with the CDC. Working for the CDC is my dream and getting the fellowship would help get my foot in the door. As for my 10-year plan… I hope I’m financially stable with a career I love, married to a wonderful man, have two children, and enjoying life. Ultimately, I just want to be able to happily and comfortably pay for my lifestyle.

    Thanks for sharing your goals! Now let’s both work towards achieving them.

    Valerie |

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  2. I think it’s so important to have big dreams and ambitions because their existence will keep you moving forward – and it’s good to think both long and short term. Can totally relate to being able to make enough money to support a boujie lifestyle!! Have a great sunday ❀


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