The End of The Unabridged Sass???

I made this blog the end of my junior year of college. Back then, my life was completely different. I was a Development Assistant at a small nonprofit and still pretty on becoming a pharmacist, medical lab scientist, or something like that….. I wanted to avoid running into my ex boyfriend who interned at the hospital down the street (who I totally wasn’t over) and was quite honestly, pretty immature and kind of a total brat.

I thought that being totally outspoken and filterless was charming and endearing, and that my choices (and what I posted on the internet) had no consequences. I was kind of petty and unabashedly candid. And to tell you all the absolute truth, that isn’t the kind of lady I am anymore.

I don’t really broadcast everything on the internet anymore, and I keep my inner circle pretty small. I work a professional job in nonprofit development and meet with major donors, foundations, and other individuals all the time. And as strange of a concept as this might seem, I don’t want to be that crazy, filterless, candid as f person that I used to be. Because I’m honestly not, anymore.

My colleague told me that when she first met me, I gave off the vibe that I’m “bubbly, yet commanding.” Another one of our associates told me that when she first met me, that I was the type of person who gets things done, when they say that they’ll take care of things. There are some things about me that will never change–my sass, my drive, passion and enthusiasm. Being bubbly, but also clever in my own way.

For a long, long time I was scared to post something because I didn’t know how everyone would react. I didn’t know if they would completely lose interest or disappear once they realized that I’m not the same person as I was before. I was also completely horrified of posting because I didn’t know how it would affect how others I interact with professionally would view me. But here is what I do know.

I love blogging. I’ve missed blogging so incredibly much, and I have missed all of you dearly. I am going to try to post my usual Mondays and Thursdays, and I am going to always be honest and keep it real. I won’t be the same Chrissey forever–I’ll always be changing and growing (hopefully for the better), but I will blog along the way.

I’ve kept all the old posts (okay….I low-key deleted some really embarrassing ones….) but I’m going to definitely experiment with some new posts and ideas as I start to get the hang of things. I have missed you all so, so much!

What kind of posts would you all like? Here are some ideas:

  • Books I’ve Been Loving Recently (as a young working lady)
  • My Work Bag Essentials (because there’s so much random stuff you need!)
  • A Post About My Job (because everyone asks!)
  • My older usual posts (with a bit of a twist since I’m kind of an adult now!)

Until Next Time,




1 thought on “The End of The Unabridged Sass???”

  1. Growing up happens. We change. But that’s the beauty of our blogs. They grow and change with us. Someone can always find something relatable in your posts and that’s the point! I’ll definitely be sticking around.


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