Personal Growth and Little Goals

I am someone who is admittedly flawed. I’m always consistently in the pursuit of self improvement and trying to find ways that I can be a better human being. I’ve slowly but surely been trying to remove the negativity and bad from my life, to replace it with good vibes and personal growth.

I hate New Year’s resolutions and super strict goals because it doesn’t leave room for modifications and growth. Although I am someone who loves planning and guidelines, I like to give myself flexibility in what I’m trying to achieve short-term (depending on the changes or goals I’m trying to make).

I like to view it like this: I have concrete long term goals and these little strides are just a means of getting there (and they can change!)

So, here’s a fun little list of some things that I’m trying to do:

  1. Drink more water.
  2. Try to eat a more balanced diet.
  3. Read more often.
  4. Be more informed about current issues and events (not that I wasn’t before).
  5. Journal every day.
  6. Be more considerate and kind to others.
  7. Learn new hobbies and skills, when possible.
  8. Learn more about my culture and heritage.
  9. Try to be more helpful to others.
  10. Be more creative on the blog.
  11. Focus on the positivity around you.
  12. Let things go, more often.

What are some things you’re trying to do? What little changes are you trying to make? I love hearing about others’ personal growth and progress, so be sure to share with me!

Until Next Time,



5 thoughts on “Personal Growth and Little Goals”

  1. I started journaling at the end of 2017, ig nothing else i recommend you get in to the groove of writing down your thoughts. I find that writing things down almost eliminated the excuse for why I cant do something, you cant lie to yourself ya know. Happy new year girl !


  2. I agree with you on that goals have to be flexible in order for personal growth to really happen. All of yours sound fab and I wish you the best of luck with achieving them πŸ™‚


  3. I’m also trying to drink more water so I can live my best hydrated life! I also want to take more pictures of my friends and family and I together, because I over the past 4 years I have accumulated a grand total of 6 of those kind of pictures. My camera should be used for way more than just my blog!


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