Five Facts (About Me)

It’s been a little while, so I decided to do an updated five facts about me! There’s some new faces around here and it’s been quite some time since I did a little intro-type post, so here we go!

My favorite color of all time is green! My second favorite color would have to be pink!

I love Childish Gambino. He is my number one, all time, ride or die man crush. He’s so intelligent and charming. And he is SO talented, across the board!

I love to knit. Even though I can only make headbands or scarves. I did make a sweater once, though! Going to Michaels and looking at the yarn is something that relaxes me!

I am a Slytherin. One hundred percent. The funny thing is, I thought they were “evil” as a kid and then grew up to become one!

I only liked iced coffee! I absolutely hate hot coffee. I always drink my coffee black and never add any flavors or frills!

What are some interesting facts about you guys? What House are you a part of, and how do you take your coffee?

Until next time,



4 thoughts on “Five Facts (About Me)”

  1. I also love knitting (even though I also can really only do scarves)! And I think Slytherin seems like good fit for you, based on what you’ve shown on the blog! A house full of ambitious people is a great match for an ambitious woman who is out to make waves in this world!


  2. I prefer iced coffee although I can drink it hot too! Also, I’m a Hufflepuff and I grew up thinking they were super lame (as a lot of people still do) but I’ve learned a lot more about the houses and they are all equally as cool!


  3. The knitting thing is cool! I’ve only ever met a few people who do it. Also I like my coffee hot with lots of milk and sugar (although I imagine I’d love iced coffee I should give it a go) x x


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