hello again—years later

It has been a long time.

It has been so long that I no longer know what tags I used to use, what categories I would use, or even what image size the header is….. but I’ve been good. I’ve spent some time away, and quite honestly, a big part of me didn’t think I would come back. But I’m here, right?

I am here. Older, wiser, crankier, sassier, the whole sha-bang. And boy, do we have a lot of catching up to do guys. But of course, like most posts from me, we gotta start with a story.

I am a little crazy workaholic. I seldom take lunch breaks and I work a lot. I work so so much and I am constantly moving and grooving. I can’t help it–I want to get things done. And there I was, typing away on my phone and answering emails and working on stuff on a Wednesday night and acting absolutely psycho fundraiser. And as I was typing away, I took a quick Twitter break.

I opened my Twitter and saw a video, and I decided I would take a quick break, stop any overthinking and just enjoy this video. I was going to be mindful, and really watch it. And I wish I could tell you this video was profound and made me change my life, but it didn’t. It just made me laugh my ass off.

I sat there, and laughed and laughed and laughed. I laughed uproariously at this video and just enjoyed that moment, laughing. And that was when I realized that I missed this. I missed blogging, I missed chatting with you all, and I missed smelling the roses, as they say.

The last time I did this, I got so so caught up with the noise. I got caught up with what other bloggers said and do, and I got caught up with what the analytics told me. So, I am making a decision to be back. And to blog, and to laugh, and to enjoy things, just like I want to enjoy life.

So cheers, guys. Let’s toast to this.


6 thoughts on “hello again—years later”

  1. You’ve been blogging longer than I have, but I know the feeling of being excited, losing steam, and stopping without knowing if you want to/should come back. Glad you’re back to continue your story though, because I’m curious to know what’s been happening!


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