Here’s A Confession

This blog had very humble beginnings. I’d like to say I found it, but I think it found me, when I really needed it most. I blogged throughout the biggest transitions of my life, the highs and lows, and then one day….. I just stopped blogging. I left my old friend (as if blogs are living entities) behind.

I think I believed that if I left this blog behind, I’d leave that former person behind. It would be as if that young, naive, filterless little bitch never existed. The most embarrassing, problematic, and mistake making self. But the truth is, well, that person was instrumental in the woman I am today. And this blog was here through all of it.

This year was hard. It was hard for a lot of reasons, it was professionally, the hardest year of my career, and personally, just a lot of difficulties I had. Something I have learned since I’ve left is discretion, so I won’t marinate on all of this.

I guess this is all a long way of saying that I missed blogging. I missed the way it challenged me, the way it was an escape for my crazy ass life, the way it made me feel. So I’ve told myself I’m coming back.

I’m older, I’ve had some life experiences, and I’ve learned a lot. And it feels right. I will say that I’m not promising regularity in my posts–I am a working adult and have some other new responsibilities in my life. But I am here to say I’m back.

And man does it feel good.


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