My Tips for Clean Beauty

Something I have thought about a lot recently is clean beauty. Now, I’m not going to say that I’m a mega expert that has ample advice and thoughts. However, I feel like I am informed enough to make a decision for myself.

Much like going vegan or deciding to eat organic, it is a decision you have to make for yourself. Where I think GOOP and many other clean beauty enthusiasts go wrong is that they act like it’s very black and white….. and it is not.

Going completely clean is a HUGE commitment that many people cannot make. It is not feasible from a time or money perspective for the average human, and is incredibly hard.

I made the decision to start with my makeup routine, since I wear makeup almost every day. However, I know I will cheat when it comes to lipsticks and that I will still continue to use my current skincare routine. I may change my mind later. I think it is a transition, not a full change, but again, it’s my choice to do that. There are lots of resources online, and you can go find information and make a decision yourself.

But anyways, I’ve come up with a few tips, which will hopefully make things easier if you’re looking to clean up your beauty routine, whether it’s fully or partially.

Define what clean beauty means to you.

I’ve learned pretty early on in my research that lots of people have different definitions….. it makes me laugh because I thought that clean beauty should be pretty straightforward. I found this definition from Good Face Project that I really love.

To us, a clean beauty product must satisfy these two main criteria: Non-toxic ingredients. At its core, clean beauty means that you can use a product without risking your own health. The ingredients label must contain only safe, non-toxic ingredients. Transparent labels. When a beauty brand makes an effort to list all of their ingredients and label accordingly, they’re on the right path to clean beauty. However, not all brands are transparent. A good example of lack of transparency in the beauty industry is including fragrance in beauty products. Fragrance is not an ingredient, but since the industry is highly unregulated, companies can hide ingredients under the umbrella term “fragrance.” Another example of non-transparent labels is misleading the consumer based on packaging. Brands can falsely label their products with buzzwords like “natural” and “eco” in order to capture the conscious consumer’s attention. This is called “greenwashing” and we’ll elaborate in a moment.

Clean beauty simple doesn’t contain mystery ingredients, and clean beauty certainly doesn’t claim to be something that it’s not.

This definition makes the most sense to me. And I abide by it. I do use some products that are all natural and vegan, but I have admittedly been more lenient when it comes to hair care products.

Target and Sephora are ahead of the game–use their Beauty Filters to help you find new products and to check current ones.

Target and Sephora both mark which products (and have “sections”) for products which are clean! Of course it isn’t an exhaustive list, but it is a really great start to check current products and find new ones! I’ve discovered that a good amount of products I use are clean, and have bought some new products that I’ve discovered through the filter.

Y’all, you have no idea how much of a help this is. I’m gonna be honest with you….. sometimes I am too lazy to read labels. These stores do all the work for you and slap on the clean label for products they’ve vetted!

Don’t be afraid to improvise.

Don’t be afraid to use lipstick as a creamy blush or to use mascara as brow gel! You may not find products that perfectly translate to clean products. It’s okay to improvise and to make little tweaks.

Especially since clean beauty products cost more, you can use little hacks to extend the use of your products!

Read between the lines.

Just because a product isn’t advertised as “clean” doesn’t mean it isn’t! I was THRILLED to find out that Bite Beauty products were clean even though they don’t blast it everywhere! Their lipsticks are even SAFE TO EAT! There won’t be any asbestos in your lip crayon!

On the flip side, Tarte is often mistaken as a clean beauty brand, but most of their products aren’t….. only a few are actually “clean!” They’re a fan of green washing, which means they leverage green/clean buzzwords without offering all clean products!

Honestly, if you’re ever conflicted, open the ingredients tab to see if the brand is transparent and using natural ingredients!

Go on Instagram for inspiration.

This has been so much fun for me. I love browsing the Kosas Instagram for funky eyeshadow looks or the RMS Instagram for highlight envy.

I used to browse beauty deals, but since I can’t buy makeup on a total whim (my bank account is grateful), this has replaced my endless perusing of beauty products! You can find inspiration quickly. I like to save the looks I like so I can reference them later.

Give yourself forgiveness.

I may get my ass lit for this, but I think it’s okay to be lenient or to use a product you like that may not be clean. No one is perfect. It happens. You don’t get clean overnight and most people aren’t going to throw all their products out. For me, I cheat with lipsticks. It happens, it’s okay, it doesn’t make you worse or better than someone else if your beauty routine is mostly “clean.”

I don’t tell people I’m 100% clean–I just say I’m trying to be more clean. Maybe that’ll change someday, but for now, that’s where I’m at!

I hope these tips helped, or at least made sense. I promise I’m not getting Goop-y on you guys! I’m thinking about doing a round-up of my favorite products of 2019, so expect that soon! And a clean beauty routine post. Talk to you soon!


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