Clean Beauty Makeup Haul

I decided that it might be fun to share the clean beauty products I purchased in order to transition over to a clean makeup routine. I’m not gonna abandon all my current products necessarily, although a good amount are running low, but I did pick up some products to transition in.

Admittedly, I’m going to try to to a clean makeup routine and see how it goes. I may go back to some products or tweak accordingly.

I discovered that some products I use were already clean! My Thrive Causmatics mascara and Tarte Foundation were clean! Little wins.

I did not find an eyeshadow primer, and I decided to just continue using my eyebrow product because well, they’re eyebrows. They’ll be okay. I still have time to learn and adjust my routine lol. Plus we’ll be able to see what happens if my eyebrows fall off and the rest of my face is heavenly and glowing Hahahahahahaha.

Anyways, jokes aside, here are the products I’m adding to my routine.

Honest Beauty (I will add links at a future time. Sorry guys I’m visiting my parents for the holiday typing this blog post on my phone…..)

Honestly, I had heard a lot about this brand and how accessible it is. It’s available at Target, on Amazon, online….. so easy to access.

Also I’m obsessed with Jessica Alba and convinced that if I use these products maybe I’ll be somewhat as effortless and cool, like she is.

Primers make me nervous. I had already found a primer that I liked, so having to switch it up required a good amount of research! This primer is oil-free, which is important to me because my face gets oily, and it is highly rated! I use a water based foundation so I’m glad I found this water based primer. I have not used a glowing primer (I usually use matte) so we will see how it goes!

Primers are so important though, because they’re the first thing to go on your face and are the barrier between your makeup and skin. So I knew I wanted to use a clean primer, if possible.

I’m not gonna lie to you guys, I am probably going to use my normal eyeshadow primer. My lids get greasy as hell and there doesn’t seem to be a good alternative. But I did want to try to get a clean eyeshadow palette. This one was $20 and comes with ten shades! For $2 a shade, that seemed VERY reasonable. Not just for a clean product, but for an eyeshadow palette in general!

A couple years ago I made a post about how drugstore makeup was getting DAMN expensive. To this day, I stand by that. The other day I was in CVS and a L’Oreal palette was $27! WHAT THE HELL?

Ramblings aside, I’m trying this palette. It came highly reviewed and I’m excited to try it!

This eyeliner had super good reviews. Everyone kept saying that it was super long lasting “even though” it’s all natural LOL. I honestly need eyeliner because if I don’t wear it I look like a trash zombie, but most eyeliners irritate my lash line. I’m excited to try this and see how it works! And if it stays as long as it claims…..

Literally right before I made this change I purchased a Kylie Lip kit. They are SO long lasting, smooth and pigmented…… but they’re also full of chemicals and kinda questionable. Like, they stay so long on my lips it seems highly suspect.

Have you ever opened the ingredients list to your makeup products? If you did you’d be like, “Damn Denise” because it’s usually long as hell and in a language you can barely understand. I’m just saying!

So I ordered this one as an alternative! I was really intrigued by the fact that they were mattifying and long lasting…. but clean…. from the reviews I’ve read many people say clean liquid lipsticks don’t really “set.” But we will see!

Also….. just look at this color!

I hope this isn’t one of those situations where you’re so hyped about a product but then it comes and isn’t cute at all.

I also have some Bite Beauty products that weren’t cute to screenshot that were on mega clearance because they’re completely revamping their products.

W3LL People

This brand has one of the most popular clean mascaras! And is really well known!

Okay, setting powder is super important. I wear glasses so my nose makeup gets hella funky if I don’t set it. Please use transparent setting powder guys! Just a bit, or else you’ll look like a cinnamon bun!

Anyways, I had read that a lot of clean products don’t last as long as normal products, because well, duh, no preservatives. I decided that setting powder was necessary, especially since I already use it with my normal products. This one came highly reviewed and rated!

I love bronzer. I gotta contour my face to look cute. Sorry, that’s just the nature of life. I hope this one works with my skin tone, or else its back to the drawing board.

For me, it’s so hard to find a good bronzer match. My plan B is giving up and going to get a Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer, which I used to use….. if it’s clean. We’ll see guys!

I’m the most nervous about this product and I really wanna go back and report that I love it!


KOSAS is female owned and super badass. Their products are all super cool girl and nonchalant.

I picked up a powder blush/highlight duo in this cool rose shade. They also have cream blushes which are also duos, but I’m more of a powder girl! I tend to gravitate to cooler blushes, because they work better with my neutral skin tone.

This brand has super cool liquid shadows, which I’m excited to try in the future!

Anyways guys, that’s what I picked up! I’m excited to try these products and to let you all know what I think. This is definitely gonna be a fun journey…… I hope!


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