Top 5 Items of 2020

Hello friends, it is now 2020! I can hardly believe that it’s 2020…..we are now in the 20’s again! In case you didn’t know from the ten million NYE Gatsby party photos you probably saw on insta. I decided that I wanted to share with you all the top 5 items I purchased in 2020, fashion and food edition.

I know there’s a lot of exhaustive lists out there, but I promise you this one will be cool.

Loewe Puzzle Bag

I lusted after this for months. You know, when you become an adult human, you come to the realization that there is a lot more financial freedom to buy what you want and to get things you like. My mom’s motto for fashion is, “If you like it, then buy it.” I am in my twenties, work for a nonprofit, and am not quite as liberal with my purchases, but I’ve found that she’s right. When you find something you really, really, really like, often times, if you just buy it, you will be happier in the long run. Rather than buying dupes or wannabe inspired pieces, which in the end may cost you more, the original will be what works!

And one Instagram purchased dupe later…..I ended up just getting a Loewe puzzle. And I don’t regret it. This may be my favorite bag I have ever purchased in my LIFE. It goes with everything, has ample space for necessities (I have the small, because it works better for my frame), and is such a unique piece. I get tons of compliments, and my mom, who is notoriously picky, even told me this bag was a necessity! I’ve dressed it up, and I’ve dressed it down, and I can confidently say it works with everything!

LOFT High Waisted Jeans with the frayed edges

Like the jeans I wore in the last two photos? It’s these jeans from LOFT! I admittedly bought these off the clearance rack, which just makes me love them more. Not only do they fit me hella well, and make my butt look nice, but the frayed bottoms are just so unique! They pair really well with loafers, strappy heels, or sandals!

Not to mention, these jeans are eco-friendly and conscious. They’re made from recycled materials! And they fit wonderfully. Nice jeans are so important, and a classic staple piece in every wardrobe. I’m really glad I found these jeans, because they really add a little bit of snazz to a casual look!

Sunday Riley A+ Serum

A couple months ago, I got a sample of Sunday Riley’s A+ Serum from a pregnant coworker (she has Birchbox and pregnant ladies can’t use retinoids). At that point, I had been using GLAMGLOW’s serum and had no retinol/retinoids in any of my skincare. I’m still pretty young, but even at 24, I still see signs of light aging. I have the beginning of a forehead line, a few dark spots, and although it works for a lot of folks, I don’t see myself getting Botox anytime soon! I knew that I had to start incorporating anti-aging products into my skincare routine, because experts say that prevention is key! I didn’t want something super heavy or commanding, but a product that would help brighten up my skin, help combat any aging, even out my complexion, and hit those dark spots!

This serum completely changed my skincare game. Within a week, I started to notice real change on my skin, and I have not gone back! The $85 price tag definitely packs a wallop, but I wait until Birchbox or Sephora has a sale. I promise you it’s worth it! This is the perfect serum for any young professional that needs to introduce retinoids into their routine. It also is formulated to consider sensitive skin.

I will say though, the retinol uglies are a very real thing. My skin broke out a little and had really gross dry patches. But about after two weeks, it went away and my skin has been nice since!

Static Nails

I have never been a nails person. I don’t necessarily enjoy getting my nails done, and I absolutely hate painting my nails, but I’m obsessed with these nails. Static Nails are essentially reusable manicures–you can use one set up to multiple times. They’re like the OG drugstore press on nails except on roids.

These nails look supremely natural, they last, and they are made with fortitude. Their glue is SO strong that part of me questions it, but although they are super strong once applied, removal is super easy! And there is NO DAMAGE OR RESIDUE to your nails!

These nails have completely changed my nail game. It was immediately noticeable to my friends, because prior to these babies, I would just have bare ass nails.

And they don’t chip, obviously, because they’re press-on! I’m kind of a weirdo when it comes to chipped nails.

One set is $14 BUT it comes with 30 nails (I promise you will find your size), glue, and a file! I have found that these sets are truly reusable. And the glue is ample. They look good as new, even with a multiple application. You can also use their glue with drugstore nails, which I have done many many times, but the drugstore nails get gross after the second use (if you can even get them to last to a second use).

There’s multiple shapes, colors, and styles, but my favorite are the round in U MAKE ME BLUSH.


There was a phase in my life where I used to cut my own hair. Additionally, there was a phase in my life where I paid $20 to get my hair cut by the students at Paul Mitchell. In both of those phases, my hair did not look nice.

I used to wonder why people paid so much for their hair. Not even celebrities or the elite, but everyday normal people. “Why is my haircut only $20 when it costs Joanie like $250 to get her hair done?”

Answer: because my hair didn’t look that great. One trip to milk + honey, and $85 later, and my hair looks good as hell. Lizzo voice good as hell, not normal good as hell. Please go to a real salon and get a real haircut. Your hair is something on display every single damn day, a really nice haircut makes a difference! I promise.

BONUS: Green Giant Veggie Tots

I have a bag of these puppies at every moment in my freezer. They are just THAT good. They’re crazy addictive and super tasty. What I really want to try is wrapping tossing these in some hot sauce to make some “wings.”

Well guys, this is my top five of 2019! What are your favorite purchases you made this year?


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