My Goals for 2020

For me, growth is so incredibly important. I think you never stop growing, you never stop aspiring to be more and do more, and that there is always room for improvement. You see words like growth, change, resolution magically appear at the beginning of every year. “This year will be different,” everyone says, as they scurry about and try to drastically shift their lifestyle.

I’m a pretty determined person, and resolutions always kinda makes me nervous. I feel like resolutions are mandatory, demanding and adamant. It signifies a dramatic shift or change. But change doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s definitely a process. And I’ve learned when it comes to long-term goals, you have to think of it as a process. So maybe, instead of resolutions, we should call them things we want to do.

There are three things that I want to do in 2020. All three are along the same vein of improvement as it relates to the mind, body, and soul. These three things are little lifestyle adjustments I want to make to be a healthier, happier, and more holistic person.

Be more active overall.

When I lived in Chicago, I walked constantly. I was super skinny and I walked to work, I took public transportation, and I happily walked to happy hour to meet with friends. Chicago is a super urban, active, and fast-paced city. When I moved to DFW, there was a huge shift. Places became much farther apart, and instead of using my legs to get around, I got a car. Along the same time, I left my early twenties and my super fast metabolism, and being active seemed a lot harder. I used to get over 10,000 steps daily–some days up to 20,000! Now, if I’m lucky, I’ll hit 5,000.

I want to be more active in 2020. I’m not saying I’m going to be more super skinny and super fit and ripped. I just want to live a more active lifestyle. I want to do yoga, running, and exercise somewhat regularly. I downloaded the SWEAT app, found a cool free yoga class in the area, and have purchased a small set of weights, resistance bands, and admittedly, a few cute athletic pieces. I’m going to dust off my yoga mat and get fitter!

Eat healthier.

You know those jokes about how you can’t really eat junk food as an adult super often? They’re 100% true. I want to be more cognizant about what I eat, and eat more healthy, balanced meals. This does not mean I will deprive myself of a tasty dinner or a yummy meal by any means…..but on a day to day basis, no more wild snacking and late night munchies. I also am cutting down my soda consumption and making sure I get plenty of water!

I’ve already started. I have been packing healthy salads and wraps for lunch every day (admittedly, I do miss the drive through for the local taco joint!), and have been buying groceries and cooking more at home! I even bought a cute little glass bento tupperware so I can pack my meals. Let me know if you all would be interested in some recipes or pictures of what I pack!

Be more conscious about the products I use.

I’ve talked about my transitioning to using clean makeup products, but this goes beyond just using products with natural ingredients if possible, it also means to be aware of my lifestyle and all the things I buy or use.

For example–I’ve been toting around a reusable bag (I know, I’m an amateur, guys…..) and using it regularly. I’ve also been swapping out sponges for these little dried squashes (luffa–JUST googled it). I want to be less wasteful, and use products that are good for me and the community! I want to explore local markets and products, and also be more conscious of the food I buy as well!

Blog more.

Blogging is something I really, really enjoy, and I’ve started to notice the positive effects it has on me. I’m definitely churning out ideas more and it’s really pushing my creativity. Plus, the blogging is definitely good for stress and relaxing. Plus, I get to annoy my loved ones less with all my ideas and recommendations!

These are the changes I want to make in 2020! I’ll definitely update you all along the way, and share little tips and ideas I have throughout the process. Here’s to a healthier, happier, and more holistic 2020!


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