An Easy Two Cheese Tray for Any Occasion

Here’s a little bonus post for the week….. this one will be short and sweet since it’s a super easy recipe. You don’t even have to cook anything! It’s lowkey all store bought…. and will seem like you put in a ton of effort!

Something that I do much more in adulthood that I didn’t think I would do as much as I actually do, is bring an appetizer to an event. Whether it’s a social gathering, dinner, or something that requires some fancy dairy to pair with liquor, I’ve pretty much perfected an easy two cheese “tray” that you can bring to any occasion.

I feel like two cheeses as a guest is a good amount. Three is like you’re trying too hard, and one is pretty standard. Two says, “hey, I’m really bringing it to the yard.”

CHEESE ONE: The Independent

The first cheese I pick is usually one that is sharper and to be enjoyed alone. You want to pick something distinct and memorable that can be served on its own.

  • Cheese balls: Cheese balls are a really great option because they look really high maintenance and extra when they’re truly not! Plus you can buy them anywhere.
  • Truffle infused cheese: Truffle is a VERY potent and strong flavor profile, so a truffle infused cheese can hold its own and pairs perfectly with a cracker. With truffle infused anything, it’s better to be simple.
  • Pimento cheese: This is probably from living in Texas for so long, but it’s an easy pick for cheese that can be enjoyed by anyone.
  • Herbed cheese spread: There are so many yummy varieties and they always come in own container for less mess! They’re flavorful, punchy, and really bring out the simplest of crackers.

Cheese Two: The Dynamic Duo

I really like pairing goat cheese with a unique topping or spread. Goat cheese is soft, spreadable, and inexpensive! Plus it’s one of those cheeses you should “dress up” when you serve it. Plus, even though you’re just drizzling something on top, that extra step really shows effort.

  • Goat cheese and hot honey: Have you ever had hot honey? It is SOOOOO darn good. Especially on goat cheese! The sweetness of the honey, plus the kick of spiciness, along with the tangy creaminess of goat cheese really takes it above and beyond.
  • Goat cheese and pesto: This is super savory, but definitely a unique pairing. These both have strong flavors, but strangely enough, together, it’s not too crazy or overwhelming.
  • Goat cheese and hot pepper jelly: The goat cheese, paired with spicy sweet again. There’s just something about this palette! Sweet pepper jelly has a definite stronger kick, though!
  • Goat cheese and strawberry jam: The sweetness and familiarity of the strawberry jam pair really well with the unexpected notes of the goat cheese!

CRACKERS: The Plane We’re Flying

Crackers are important. They are the vessel carrying your cheese to your mouth, and your happiness to a whole nother level. Now is not the time to play or cut calories. Pick good crackers!

  • Pretzel crisps: They’re crunchy, crispy, salty and work well with pretty much anything.
  • Plain water crackers: They’re simple and they get the job done. A classic pick.
  • Pasta chips: I don’t see these in the store anymore which really concerns me, but they’re super crunchy and flavorful but not salty–which makes them pair well with cheeses.
  • Nut thins: I don’t know why these never got popular. They’re airy, crunchy and smooth!


You couldn’t resist being extra, huh? Here are some other fun things you can also add:

  • Almonds
  • Dates
  • Fruits
  • Salami or Proscuitto
  • Little baby pickles (cornichons)

All in all, that’s my easy two cheese tray! With a neutralish cracker, a bold cheese, and a goat cheese paired with something tasty, you can take over the world! Or at least impress your pals.


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