Debunking Two Very Popular Clean Eyeshadow Palettes

The beauty industry is constantly trying to get people to spend all their money. Why else do you think they never stop coming out with new products and gimmicks? Do I really need foundation that blocks the dangerous microbes floating around in our environment? Do I need a lip gloss for every confection scent in existence? Do I really need the same lipstick color in various states of matter? Honestly, probably not. Do I need every celebrity eyeshadow palette? Even more definitely not.

Switching over to a clean beauty routine has made me spend less on makeup, mostly because 99% of the products out there aren’t clean so I cannot purchase on a whim, and also because most clean products are more expensive than your typical products. They also don’t last as long, so I’m trying to be conscious and only purchase what I need. I think I’ve got a pretty good collection of products (I will review them at a later time), and I’ve learned a thing or two about clean beauty. 

As a part of this process, I purchased two very popular clean eyeshadow palettes from two very different brands. One is highly mainstream and has Jessica Alba as the face, and also the owner. The other is more chill, indie, and lesser known (and also less expensive). Both eyeshadow palettes though, are less than $20, which at Sephora, probably cannot even get you one eyeshadow.

A few things to note about clean eyeshadow: it is not mainstream eyeshadow. Don’t expect this ish to stay on all night or to be as thick as industrial paint. There’s no bad ingredients in this stuff, guys! This ain’t your Kardashian eyeshadows with questionable ingredients and origins like preservatives and all that other ish! You can’t expect a product to be perfect. But at least you know you won’t be blinded by your makeup, or at the minimum, irritate your eye. I used to always get really irritated eyes, or styes, if I didn’t wash my eye makeup as soon as I got home, but that issue has left my realm.

Also, it’s worth saying that my swatches are slightly firmer in the initial touch and then I let my finger go and slowly taper away lightly so it’s not touching. Like a shooting star. Let’s get started on the reviews!

Honest Beauty Get It Together Eyeshadow Palette

This was the first eyeshadow palette I purchased, because it seemed neutral, easy to use, and perfect for day or night. It’s only $19.99 for ten shadows, averaging less than $2 per shadow. I got mine with a little promo code, so that made it even cheaper. It seemed like the perfect everyday palette, and I was definitely swayed by the fact that Jessica Alba has used it on many public outings! It’s one thing to pretend to use your products, but to actually use it, well, that says a lot. 

These shadows last, and I actually think they are pretty nice, but it seems that each shadow is hit or miss, depending on which you use. I found the darker and more matte looking shades to be a little bit grainier and a tad chalky. I do not think they are intended to be used alone, but rather only as crease shades that can be blended out. For me, that is fine, but for someone with darker makeup, they may have issues. I also found the shimmers to be better in formulation, but they didn’t really “pop” as much as I thought they would, they are actually really natural looking. As a whole, the formulation is drier than other shadows, but they still are decently blendable and pair easily together. I wouldn’t say this eyeshadow palette is a pass, and I will continue to use mine, but I will say the formulation does take some getting used to.

Undone Beauty Curator Wet to Dry Eye Palette in Smoke

I purposely picked up this palette because it has “fun colors,” along with a couple natural ones. The glittering gold paired with the rich cyan and bold copper shades…..this is definitely a bold and adventurous palette. It seems like a really good one to travel with, especially when festival season comes up. I realized last year at Lollapalooza that my palettes aren’t very fun, so I was glad to add this one to my arsenal. I was a little bit nervous waiting for this palette to arrive, as I had no idea what to expect. However, I was very pleasantly surprised.

You get ten shadows for $14, so a little bit cheaper than the last palette. You learn pretty quick with any beauty that there are some standout brands that break the exception. Lower-end brands that really pack a punch, and expensive brands that highkey suck. This brand is inexpensive, and all the products I’ve tried have been phenomenal. The eyeshadows were no surprise. Upon swatch, I audibly said, “B—-, what the f–k?” They are buttery and smooth, super soft and blendable. They’re incredibly pigmented and just feel so damn nice. They definitely catch you off guard. The only exception is the first shade….. I guess our girl just didn’t wanna deal. She was too busy to come out with us. 

I’m really tempted to get another, but I won’t just yet. I don’t want to fall into old habits of being a palette hoarder. Pick up this palette guys. Own a fun eyeshadow palette, so you’re not the girl with the basic nude eye at Lolla.

I’ve definitely been having lots of fun trying out these new products, guys! It turns out that clean beauty is much more of an adventure than I originally thought…..but it’s definitely been worth it! Let me know if you like these clean beauty posts as much as I do!


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