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Life Update and Favorites!

Let me first say that this was the longest break I've taken from blogging. It was a long, completely unintentional break that made a lot of you ask if I disappeared for good or got snatched up in the night.

Thankfully, none of those things happened.

But I'm here with life updates and exciting news!

Before I get to that though, I just want to take a moment to acknowledge that The Unabridged Sass is a little over a year old! I know I always say that I appreciate you all so much but I would have never imagined that this little hobby would grow into something amazing. I have to thank each and every one of you for that. But I'm going to hold the sappy stuff because I have a special one year post coming soon!

But anyways… here's what's been going on.


My career has been quite a ride. Long story short: you guys know I have a lot of experience in non-profit development. I love working in non-profit development. I have worked as a Development Assistant and a Development Associate in college, and after interviewing with a few nonprofits, I accepted a job offer at this huge nonprofit.

I have worked the support staff roles and I have busted my butt. And I got a job offer for a senior staff position in nonprofit development. This is absolutely surreal to me because it is a HUGE step in my career.

And it was not easy to do.

I'm the youngest person in the office (even younger than the support staff) and the person in this position before me was literally twice my age. Even though I have worked hard for this and know I deserve the position after all my hard work, I know I have a lot to prove. I'm so excited to start because not is this a huge career step but it's a phenomenal organization!

I still want my MBA and this definitely isn't the end. It's only my first big career step. And as you guys know, I am not one to slow down anytime soon.


In case you didn't know, I do livestreams every Wednesday at 8:30 pm Central! It's always a super fun and casual time. Think of it as sipping on mimosas with some of your closest friends- that's the kinda vibe I aim for!


I am twenty two now, guys. It's a weird kind of feeling. I feel like I'm an adult, sort of. But yeah, I'm twenty two (and I spent my birthday working on a HUGE sample proposal for that job, before they hired me).


I've been trying to build my professional wardrobe!

My office is business casual (and business formal on specific occasions and times). So, I've been trying to build my professional wardrobe and find ways to style outfits that are professional but still chic. I am definitely going to pick up some trendy blazers, more heels, pixie/chino pants that are all over Pinterest, button downs, and more! I'm currently also looking for a chic tote for work!

Oh, and this is totally random but also fun work lunch ideas!


Here are five products I've been loving recently:

  1. My Estée Lauder eyeshadow palette that was a free GWP: it's the perfect cool toned eyeshadow palette and I've been using the cool light champagne pink as my everyday lid color!
  2. Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick in Intense Nude: this is my current go-to lipstick shade. I always carry it in my purse and I feel less guilty about using this than my Tom Ford lipstick.
  3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow: I finally learned how to use this and fell in love with the product after my mini beach vacation two weeks ago!
  4. Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer: I always love this product but I just thought I should remind y'all.
  5. Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation: once again, always a favorite, but I have been EXTRA appreciative about how great it is.


My mom and brother came to visit me in Dallas last week and it was such a blast! I'm gonna miss them but it was so nice to have them around!

So, that's what I've been up to! Interviews, getting a big job offer, mini beach trips, hosting visiting family, and just being mad busy!

If it makes you nervous- you’re doing it right.

Donald Glover

What have you guys been up to? I've missed you all and I wanna know what's been going on in your lives!






Well, this week has been a little funky when it comes to blog posts. I posted a bonus blog post on Tuesday after watching The Bachelorette and I’m posting this post earlier than usual… but I’ll definitely get to why.

So, I spontaneously decided to Instagram livestream yesterday and it initially made me super nervous. Live video is just that intimidating… I think my biggest fear was having nobody show up and that I’d just to talking to myself the whole time! But everything turned out better than I could have possibly imagined!

It was so much fun talking to everyone and chatting and hanging out! It was like brunch and mimosas! We actually ran out of time (apparently Instagram live has a time limit…) and moved it to twitter/periscope which was definitely a strange experience. I’ve learned to stick to Instagram live next time!

Anyways, I asked everyone there if they would like me to make it a frequent thing and everyone said that they’d want for me to make it a weekly thing!!! So…

You can watch the first livestream (I promise it’s super fun and interesting) on my Instagram right now (which is why this post is early)! It’s only up until 8:30 pm Central TONIGHT so don’t miss it! I might download live streams and upload them to my YouTube channel, but I haven’t decided yet!

I hope you can make it and I hope that you’ll stop by!! It’s definitely a fun time and I have some fun topics to discuss next week!

Make your life a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do.

Brian Tracy

Do you guys have any specific things you’d want me to talk about or discuss? What would you guys like to see in the livestream? I’m always open to suggestions so I’d love to hear your thoughts! Thank you guys for everything! I am so grateful for you all!




Who I Would Pick, If I Were The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette is my guilty pleasure. I have been obsessively watching on Monday nights since Emily Maynard was looking for the man of her dreams, and the father of her adorable daughter Ricki. What’s there not to love? The Bachelorette is the culmination of reality tv drama greatness, and America embraces the cliches and stereotypes that this show tosses our way.

I’ve lived through endless “most dramatic rose ceremonies” hosted by Chris Harrison and “MOST DRAMATIC EPISODE EVER”s, but by far Rachel Lindsay is my favorite Bachelorette. She’s intelligent, well-spoken, absolutely beautiful and takes nonsense from no one. When she was announced as The Bachelorette, I was so excited and was grateful that in an endless sea of pretty brunettes that we finally got a refreshing lead that was not only a woman of color, but someone with a great heart and personality.

That being said, after watching last night’s episode, I couldn’t help but think about everything that transpired and what I would do if I was in her situation. Now, I know that these episodes are hella pre-filmed and that she’s been engaged for a minute, but I definitely know who I would pick if I was Rachel. But before I get into that, let us analyze these three remaining men.



First things first, homeboy can’t even spell facade correctly. I think about this each and every time that I see his face on the screen. Rachel–why is he still around? I think everyone in America wonders why he’s still here, every week that he continues to stay. I mean, there’s someone like him every season that stays on way longer than anticipated, so it’s to be expected.

Now don’t get me wrong, Eric seems like a nice guy. He clearly likes Rachel, and despite the fact that he hasn’t dated someone in eight years, he told Rachel that he loves her (lol, I couldn’t help but giggle when she didn’t say it back), and asked Mama Lindsay to have Rachel’s hand in marriage (he was rejected). He is clearly not as emotionally mature as Rachel is and honestly, I am pretty sure he’s not ready for marriage. He seems like that starter boyfriend, that after some life experiences and relationships, will make a wonderful husband to someone. But clearly, Rachel isn’t going to be the girl to groom him.

She clearly has stronger chemistry with Peter and Bryan, and I think that if either of those two told her they loved her, she would have swooned.



Okay, I for one thought that Rachel would have seen through his bullshit instantaneously.  Bryan reminds me of that guy in college that complements the hell out of you when you first meet like you’re the goddess of his life. But in reality, he flirts with literally every girl he meets and is “casually” dating five girls at once, but ghosts them when they ask what they are. I low-key thought he had a secret wife and kids back home in Miami, and that Demario’s ex was his.

He’s weird. He told Rachel’s family that she was his girlfriend after like two weeks, and he told Constance that he loved their family after knowing them for like an hour and a half. AND THEN he ran away when they saw through his transparent crap. Clearly, the only person that Bryan is fooling is Rachel Lindsay. I honestly think the matching watches, plus her hostile response to her family is showing us who is the real winner. I mean, she’s made it clear she wants to be engaged and the only other person offering her marriage is Eric.

But he’s gross and I don’t like him at all.



Okay, let me state the obvious: Peter is handsome and pretty much everyone wants them to end up together. He’s smart, funny, sassy as hell (as we saw last night when he made fun of Bryan’s fake cheeks and shaded him), and looks amazing in a suit. He and Rachel have clear chemistry and they both have gap teeth! It’s perfect- right?

Okay, listen. The honest truth is, I think that Peter is actually being completely logical about not wanting to propose at the end of the show. They have literally been living in a bubble for weeks and she’s been dating multiple guys at the same time. I honestly don’t blame him for wanting to wait to propose and to see if their relationship is just as phenomenal in the real world. You know, the place they’ll be spending the rest of their life together forever, and where other couples on The Bachelor/The Bachelorette break up after like six months?

To tell you the truth, if I was The Bachelorette, I wouldn’t want a proposal at the end of the show. But that’s just me, and I know Rachel is different and she wants to be engaged at the end of her journey. And I don’t blame her, no one wants to be the next Nick Viall!

I think she wants to pick Peter but the one thing stopping her from choosing him is that there’s no “commitment” (by her definition) without a proposal, and also that things for them seem so uncertain now that they fundamentally disagree. Sometimes, I even think that Rachel likes Peter more than he likes her, and that scares her. We’ve all been there before, and it really sucks.

Anyways, who would I pick if I was The Bachelorette?


Dean, in a heartbeat. He was falling in love in an appropriate time frame and not creepily early. He’s cute, funny, has fresh style (no one could tell that he only brought like three outfits). We both laugh at inappropriate moments and he’s too cute. Dean, if you’re reading this, @ me on Twitter. I still cannot believe she sent him home.


But seriously, if I were Rachel, I would pick Peter. They have the most real and genuine relationship and he’s actually completely honest with her. I would wait for an engagement, to have a long and enduring relationship than to have to spend the rest of my life with Bryan or Eric. I think it makes total sense to see what your relationship is like outside of The Bachelor bubble, because honestly, these relationships seldom last. The last thing you would want is to be engaged on national television only to break up months later.

“I think marriage is an institutionalized sham derived from religious beliefs. That said, when I get married, it’s a life-long commitment.

–Dean Unglert

Who would you pick for yourself if you were The Bachelorette? Who would you pick, if you were Rachel?




The Best Lipstick Ever

I am admittedly a lipstick junkie. When it comes to lipsticks I have way more than I could ever possibly need and that obsession was what really kick-started my interest in makeup.

I started wearing makeup the summer before my sophomore year of college and went from owning five lipsticks to twenty. Literally, I could not stop getting lipsticks and was absolutely obsessed. I went from wearing the same lipstick everywhere to changing my lipstick for each and every occasion.

That began to slow down as I got older and I've noticed that in recent months I pretty much only wear one lipstick. It's my all-time favorite lipstick and has been since I purchased it last November during Black Friday. You guys are always asking me what shade it is and it's honestly the perfect color.

My all-time favorite, ride or die lipstick is Tom Ford's Richard. I made the splurge last November during Black Friday and I have never found another lipstick that I love more.

(I wanted to include a photo with the etching in the lipstick and I had this one saved from the day it first arrived).

I've tried to find a new favorite but literally nothing can compare. The formulation is pigmented, lightweight and buttery smooth. The lipstick doesn't dry out my lips and it literally lasts through anything. The rose shade is my perfect "my lips but better" shade and I have worn it through so many big events.

I just naturally gravitate to this lipstick and it is so easy and effortless to glide on.
The formula is literally unlike any other formula I have ever tried before.

Tom Ford lipsticks have ruined me for any other lipstick because although other formulations are nice, I have not found a replacement or comparable lipstick. They are just that good. In my dreams, I would own and only wear Tom Ford lipstick.

(I am thinking of getting another tube in a different shade for my birthday but I haven't really decided yet).

Not to mention that the packaging is absolutely beautiful and one swipe can instantly make you feel like you're ruling the Upper East Side with a Dorota to do your bidding. I love the black with gold accenting and feel a little special when I pull it out of my purse.

If you're sad, add more lipstick and attack.

Coco Chanel

What's the best lipstick you've ever tried? What's your favorite lipstick you own, and if you could only use one lipstick brand for the rest of your life what would it be?




What I Eat in a Vegan Day

I am no stranger to vegan food or veganism. I was a vegan for a few months my sophomore year of undergrad, and back when Lolo would eat vegan foods I would have some along with her. I think that there’s a certain type of appreciation that you gain once you start to enjoy vegan foods for what they are.

I think there’s a lot of ignorant people out there who make fun of veganism or vegan food, and I definitely think that’s unfair. It’s a personal choice one makes and it’s not an easy thing to do. I actually very much admire those who choose not to consume any animal products or flesh, but being vegan every day is something I can’t do.

I have two full vegan days twice a month. I also think that it’s good, for me personally (I’m not going to give you guys health advice, I’m not a licensed professional) to cleanse my body twice a month when I eat strictly vegan. I eat vegan twice a month, but I don’t consider myself a vegan. That title is reserved for those who do it every single day.

I follow specific guidelines on these days. There’s variation, but I stick to these specific guidelines for me. I’m not going to say that those who don’t are wrong, because everyone is different. This is what I do.


  • Meat, animal products, dairy, eggs, etc
  • Garlic, onions, shallots, aromatics (other vegans do consume these, I don’t)
  • (Little to no) processed foods
  • Soda, Starbucks, etc. I only drink water.
  • Eating out (I stick to homemade foods on these days.

Essentially, I opt for simple, clean, homemade meals that are free of any animal products or flesh.

Anyways, you guys wanted to know what I eat in a usual Vegan day, so I decided to record what I ate today to share with all of you guys! Each and every time I do this, I eat different foods depending on what’s available or what I’m craving.

Oh, and I always eat “normally” on Midnight the next day. lol.

What I ate, 7/20/17:

*I provided photos of what I thought was necessary.


I am usually not hungry in the mornings but I usually have corn. I had one cob of corn this morning, and was going to have a nectarine if I was still hungry after but I decided to wait until lunch.


I was really craving mushrooms, so I sautéed some mushrooms with soy sauce, olive oil, and chili sauce. I added pepper, paprika and salt, and made sure everything was seasoned. After I heated up my favorite brown/red rice pilaf with chia and kale, I mixed that with the mushrooms and sauce to make a little rice bowl. This was so satisfying to eat and so tasty.


I had a huge tablespoon of peanut butter. I almost always have midday dessert cravings on my vegan days and I’ve learned that a big tablespoon of peanut butter usually hits the spot.


Will was craving pasta of some sort, so we found a recipe for vegan Alfredo. He googled how to peel a potato, just so we could make this recipe. Essentially, we pureed peeled and cooked potatoes in a blender with vegetable broth, and added lemon juice, smoked paprika, salt and pepper. I topped mine with fried tofu slices. It basically tasted like mashed potatoes mixed with pasta. Not terrible but not amazing.


I almost always get hungry around 8:30-9:00ish on my vegan days, so I microwaved a very small bowl of leftover Alfredo and added some fried tofu on top. I also had a banana.

So, that’s it! Simple but tasty meals that are cruelty-free! You guys were all super curious, so there you go. If you guys want more vegan recipes or meal ideas, just let me know and I’ll happily oblige!

“In matters of principle, stand like a rock; in matters of taste, swim with the current.”

-Thomas Jefferson

Are you guys familiar with being vegan? Have you ever been vegan or enjoyed vegan foods?



Makeup Products I DON’T Use

In some ways, I am a little bit predictable when it comes to my makeup. And in other ways, I’m a little bit unexpected. Although I am always sharing with you guys new products and loves that I discover, there are actually quite a few makeup products that I do not use.

A common misconception is that beauty bloggers have to wear a full face or to use every single product imaginable, but that definitely is not the case! So today, I decided  to share with you guys the products I don’t use… and of course the reason I don’t use them!

Everyone’s makeup routine is different and some people don’t use products that I do! And vice versa. But I thought this would be a fun little post!

  1. Makeup Primer- I religiously wear eyeshadow primer but I have not touched a makeup primer in over a year. Makeup primers tend to make my skin really oily and actually make my foundation slip and slide! I just apply moisturizer in the mornings and make sure my face is clean before applying my foundation. I wear the Estée Lauder Double Wear, which honestly is already long-lasting on its own.
  2. Concealer- I have not used a concealer in a minute either. What I do is I just apply my foundation like concealer to areas that need a little more coverage (like under my eyes and around my nose!) and after that’s blended in, I apply a light layer of foundation with my beauty blender dupe! (I’m telling y’all… the Estée Lauder Double Wear is that good! I am not sponsored. Honestly I wish I was because that foundation is pricey, even though a little goes a long way!)
  3. Powder Highlighter- My face gets really oily and highlighter just looks really excessive in my makeup routine. I used to be obsessed with getting a glow and used to use TWO highlighters! I now just do light under-brow highlight with Watt’s Up, for a soft brow lift, and use a dewy setting spray to soften my matte makeup. That “bomb highlight” look just doesn’t work with me!
  4. Setting powder- Setting powder is something that I’ve found is only necessary if your foundation is slippery or oily. I used to use it but I’ve found that it quickly became an unnecessary step in my makeup routine once I found a foundation that worked for me. 
  5. Eyebrow gel- I used to be a religious eyebrow gel user but I find that clear eyebrow wax paired with light brow powder leaves my brows looking less “crunchy” but more natural and soft! I don’t have to sacrifice my brows staying in place either!
  6. Color correcting products- I honestly have never found myself needing to use color correcting products, so I have never educated myself on them. 

To conclude, essentially when you find a really good foundation you can eliminate a bunch of face products, hahaha. But seriously guys, I learned a little bit too late in my life that just because there’s products out there doesn’t mean that you need them! 

Different people have different needs, so find products that work for you!

“All theory, dear friend, is gray, but the golden tree of life springs ever green.

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

What makeup products do you guys not use? And what products can you not live without?



The Unabridged Sass….MAGAZINE??

I just want to say that first of all, this isn’t going to be a regular feature. I was brainstorming new blog post ideas and I thought of doing a “get to know you post” which led to the questionnaire inspired by generic female magazines. And if you guys know me, you know that every project I do ends up getting elevated to a crazy level…which led to the creation of this little magazine.

Although some things in here are a very real parody of female magazines (like my sassy items list and the ridiculous quiz at the end), my answers to the cosmos-inspired questionnaire are very much real.

This was definitely a fun post and mini-project to do, and not only did I get to use my high school editor-in-chief (bet you didn’t know that about me!) skills, but I hope this gives you guys a laugh! Enjoy!

Red and Black Car Magazine-2ELITE - Article PageDesignChrissey 2BacheloretteweekendgetawayTHE UNABRIDGED SASS QUIZ

“There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do.”

-Amy Poehler

Okay, seriously, what did you guys think? Did you like the magazine for what it was and did it make you laugh? Would you wanna see another issue in the future, like every season or so? And would you want it the way that it is (low-key funny) or would you like a more serious editorial style?