Blogging Again

hello friends! it's been a while. I just wanted to stop by and let you all know I've been blogging again. I've actually been posting over at my new site, which I hope some of you will take the time to check out, and maybe give a follow! The Unabridged Sass will always stay here… Continue reading Blogging Again

What I Eat In A Vegan Day (Deux)

Since you guys loved the last post I made about what I eat in a vegan day, I decided to do another one! I did a long, rambling intro to the last one... so let's just get started! BREAKFAST:     On my vegan days I almost always start with fruit! I usually don't have… Continue reading What I Eat In A Vegan Day (Deux)

What I Eat in a Vegan Day

I am no stranger to vegan food or veganism. I was a vegan for a few months my sophomore year of undergrad, and back when Lolo would eat vegan foods I would have some along with her. I think that there's a certain type of appreciation that you gain once you start to enjoy vegan… Continue reading What I Eat in a Vegan Day

Memorial Day Weekend (Food, Sass, Outfits!)

Since I feel like I've been slacking on the "life" part of lifestyle, I decided to try a new kind of post where I share what I've been wearing, eating and up to! What better weekend to recap than Memorial Day Weekend? So, let get started! Thursday: I know that Thursday doesn't really count as… Continue reading Memorial Day Weekend (Food, Sass, Outfits!)

My Recipe For Homemade Wontons

I posted a Snapchat of my homemade wontons and also tweet about them! And every time I do, people always have questions! In Vietnamese culture, we celebrate death anniversarys of significant family members, it's called đám giỗ. You're probably wondering what this has to do with homemade wontons. My grandmother cooked an all vegetarian meal for… Continue reading My Recipe For Homemade Wontons

Simple, Easy, Lazy Recipes

I like food. You guys know that I love food. I hadn't done a recipe post in a little while and when I asked you guys what kind of recipes you all wanted you said simple easy lazy recipes. So, I decided to write a post to share them with you!  All of these recipes… Continue reading Simple, Easy, Lazy Recipes

Creamy Cheesy Spinach Quinoa

During undergrad one of my go-to meals was risotto. It's so easy to make and incredibly delicious. I've made tons of varieties--spinach, mushroom, pumpkin, butternut squash... I even attempted one variety with cauliflower rice (by the way, doesn't work because the cauliflower absorbs nothing). I'd like to think that this recipe is the "grown up"… Continue reading Creamy Cheesy Spinach Quinoa