Being The Unabridged Sass

First and foremost, I am writing this blog post on my new Macbook Pro, so I am excited af because of that. I have had so many requests about my fishtail braid and my makeup on Snapchat (and from the pictures in this post!). I will share the tutorial and products on Thursday, I pinky… Continue reading Being The Unabridged Sass


The Light In My Life

I've been told that I'm a pretty good storyteller and I think it's been a while since I've told you all a story. It was 2015 and I was nineteen years old; I was in a long-term relationship with a boy who I was absolutely certain was a integral part of my future. I thought… Continue reading The Light In My Life

Don’t Forget These Accomplishments

I was going to write a completely different blog post, but my parents just sent me pictures of my younger brother's awards ceremony. He's just finished the eighth grade and he received the President's Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement. I stopped writing mid-post to write a Facebook status and afterward, I sat there and thought… Continue reading Don’t Forget These Accomplishments

When You Want To Do It All

I wrote an emergency blog post to meet my personally-dictated deadline... and fuck, guys, was today stressful. I filmed a long makeup tutorial that you guys will see on Thursday, but here is a sneak preview: It consistently refused to upload after hours so I shot an emergency upload for tonight... and guess what? That… Continue reading When You Want To Do It All

Here’s Something Shocking

 I aspire to work in the field of healthcare and I have always been constantly reminded of that decision every day of my life by my peers or classmates.  I was reminded of the fact as a young woman struggling to be taken seriously by male classmates and I was reminded every time someone questioned… Continue reading Here’s Something Shocking

Things That Are Important

Have you guys ever sat down and tried to write a post... and nothing. Sometimes, you might even manage write the post. But then... it doesn't feel right. That is exactly how I felt when I wrote my non-beauty favorites post, it just didn't feel right... none of the post ideas felt right for me… Continue reading Things That Are Important

The Most Disastrous Thing I’ve Done To My Blog

I have learned a lot about humility and being so damn extra.  I love my blog. I think that it's so apparent to everyone that I love my blog. The Unabridged Sass isn't just a site where I post random things, but it is something special that I made and created myself. It's like my child.… Continue reading The Most Disastrous Thing I’ve Done To My Blog