Five Facts (About Me)

It's been a little while, so I decided to do an updated five facts about me! There's some new faces around here and it's been quite some time since I did a little intro-type post, so here we go! My favorite color of all time is green! My second favorite color would have to be… Continue reading Five Facts (About Me)


Cheesy Smoky Stuffed Mussels

I am a lady of simple pleasures. The way a curl looks when you first remove a foam curler. The smell of freshly shampooed hair. Simple cheese plates. Water with lemon. Buying boujie things on super sale. And of course.....meals that are simple to make but delicious. These mussels are no exception. I have to… Continue reading Cheesy Smoky Stuffed Mussels

Here’s a Playlist (For The Weekend)

It's been a little while since I've shared a playlist with you all..... so here you go Childish Gambino- Me and Your Mama Bad Books- Forest Whitaker Miike Snow- Animal Hunted Hunted- Keep Together COIN- Talk Too Much Tokyo Police Club- My House Big Boi- All Night WALLA- 101 Michael Franti & Spearhead- I’m Alive… Continue reading Here’s a Playlist (For The Weekend)

Things I Do, When I Feel Defeated

One thing I've quickly realized is that we are all human, and part of life is keeping it together when you're at your lowest point and being humble when you're at your highest. Everyone encounters defeat at some point in their life. There are times when I feel defeated or down, and even though I've… Continue reading Things I Do, When I Feel Defeated

Random Lifestyle Favorites

I've always been meaning to do consistent "favorite" type posts, but I always discover new things that I love to share so often (which I will share on Twitter). Since it's been a little while since we've chatted and I'm getting into the hang of things, I decided to do a favorites post of my… Continue reading Random Lifestyle Favorites

Personal Growth and Little Goals

I am someone who is admittedly flawed. I'm always consistently in the pursuit of self improvement and trying to find ways that I can be a better human being. I've slowly but surely been trying to remove the negativity and bad from my life, to replace it with good vibes and personal growth. I hate… Continue reading Personal Growth and Little Goals

Answering Nosy Questions About My Job

Here's the Cliff Notes version, because I've definitely talked about this before: Blah, blah, blah I once wanted to be a doctor/medical lab scientist/pharmacist/something else in the medical field at one point in my life, but actually, I've always wanted to work in nonprofit development since I worked at my first nonprofit. Seriously. I literally… Continue reading Answering Nosy Questions About My Job