Say Yes to Adventure

It's so easy to be comfortable, and it becomes even easier to tolerate things. I'm a huge proponent of personal growth and moving forward, but sometimes you get to this point where you know that there is no more moving instead of finding a new way or a new adventure, you just get comfortable.… Continue reading Say Yes to Adventure


A Guide to…Dressing For The Job You Want

Both outfits from Extra Petite. I had an interview earlier this week, and I remember running around my room, freaking out about what to wear. Dressing for an interview is one of the most difficult situations that you can dress for, especially since there is so much at stake--you're really dressing to impress. You're selling you--and… Continue reading A Guide to…Dressing For The Job You Want

A Guide to…Cutting the Social Media Cord

When do you know exactly to cut the cord with an ex? The social media cord, of course, that links the two of you together. With so many forms of social media, it's not hard to keep tabs on your ex, whether you're trying to or not. No, but guys, I'm serious. How many times… Continue reading A Guide to…Cutting the Social Media Cord

Twenty One Things I Learned By Twenty One

I turned twenty one on August 14th. Twenty one is a strange age to turn, not necessarily because you can legally buy alcohol, but because that is considered to be the age of adulthood by a lot, lot, lot of people. It's the age when nothing is off-limits (well, maybe besides being president and renting… Continue reading Twenty One Things I Learned By Twenty One

(Another) Super Quick Outfit Post–Blair Waldorf Vibes

I have yet another super-quick outfit post for everyone! I think that I'm going to do what Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere does, and just post a picture for each day of the week, because constantly posting short snaps is a little bit tricky! Forgive me, as I navigate the logistics of all of this...… Continue reading (Another) Super Quick Outfit Post–Blair Waldorf Vibes

Five Hours on the Phone With Tech Support and Payroll Support…

A super short post--I bought this super versatile midi dress that I've been wearing everywhere (more on that later), and I paired it yesterday with a loosely knit crochet top to make this cute little pairing that I wore to work. Literally, yesterday I was on the phone for like, five hours straight with tech support and… Continue reading Five Hours on the Phone With Tech Support and Payroll Support…

My Everyday Makeup… In Snapchat Tutorial Form

  @JackieOProblems makes me wanna do a makeup tutorial but I feel like I'm too boring for it — lil c (@meanlittleasian) July 14, 2016 I feel like since Kylie Jenner posted her Snapchat makeup tutorial, everyone has been making one. And when I saw Jackie Oshry post her Snapchat makeup tutorial, I totally wanted to film one… Continue reading My Everyday Makeup… In Snapchat Tutorial Form