What I Eat In A Vegan Day (Deux)

Since you guys loved the last post I made about what I eat in a vegan day, I decided to do another one! I did a long, rambling intro to the last one... so let's just get started! BREAKFAST:     On my vegan days I almost always start with fruit! I usually don't have… Continue reading What I Eat In A Vegan Day (Deux)

Life Update and Favorites!

Let me first say that this was the longest break I've taken from blogging. It was a long, completely unintentional break that made a lot of you ask if I disappeared for good or got snatched up in the night. Thankfully, none of those things happened. But I'm here with life updates and exciting news!… Continue reading Life Update and Favorites!

What I Eat in a Vegan Day

I am no stranger to vegan food or veganism. I was a vegan for a few months my sophomore year of undergrad, and back when Lolo would eat vegan foods I would have some along with her. I think that there's a certain type of appreciation that you gain once you start to enjoy vegan… Continue reading What I Eat in a Vegan Day

My Hair Transformation

My hair, before this whole adventure. My cousin William is a hair guru. I don't know how he does it but he can make any hair go from zero to 100. So, when he suggested a fun Friday project of giving me some highlights, I eagerly agreed. I'm not a professional, so I'm not going… Continue reading My Hair Transformation

Memorial Day Weekend (Food, Sass, Outfits!)

Since I feel like I've been slacking on the "life" part of lifestyle, I decided to try a new kind of post where I share what I've been wearing, eating and up to! What better weekend to recap than Memorial Day Weekend? So, let get started! Thursday: I know that Thursday doesn't really count as… Continue reading Memorial Day Weekend (Food, Sass, Outfits!)

Ways I’ve Changed After College

It was a usual kind of day, and as I walked over to wash my hands in the sink I was thinking about cheese fries. I'm not going to lie to you guys, in that moment I was thinking about cheese fries and how badly I wanted some. If it makes you feel better you… Continue reading Ways I’ve Changed After College

My Current Beauty Wishlist

I think that a lot of bloggers will tell you that at any given moment there's something on their wish list. And for me personally, there's always something on my Sephora lust list. When I first started getting makeup I got a bunch of products over a very short period of time. From birchboxes to… Continue reading My Current Beauty Wishlist