Life Update and Favorites!

Let me first say that this was the longest break I've taken from blogging. It was a long, completely unintentional break that made a lot of you ask if I disappeared for good or got snatched up in the night. Thankfully, none of those things happened. But I'm here with life updates and exciting news!… Continue reading Life Update and Favorites!


My May Beauty Favorites

If you guys haven't figured it out already, you can usually peep Thursday's video early by subscribing to my Youtube channel. But that's only if you're super curious and wanna see content early. I will warn you though, I don't post videos regularly and all the videos I do post inevitably end up in a blog… Continue reading My May Beauty Favorites

The Current Sass (Weekly Favorites), Volume 5

So I have decided that my weekly favorites will be posted on Thursdays. Also, I have been managing to post this weekly feature continuously! I like sharing my weekly favorites with you all and the details as to what I've been up to! I think it's casual, fun and chill. Plus I like catching up… Continue reading The Current Sass (Weekly Favorites), Volume 5

The Current Sass (Weekly Favorites), Volume 4

So since I'm posting my Q&A post tomorrow (if you guys wanna ask any questions DM, tweet, or comment them!) I decided to do my weekly favorites on Thursday this week. Will I ever post a Weekly Favorites on a Friday? Who knows! Stay tuned. Like every week, there is a good mix of different… Continue reading The Current Sass (Weekly Favorites), Volume 4

The Current Sass (Weekly Favorites), Volume 3

Hey y'all! So, as you all know I post a weekly favorites post called The Current Sass. I've decided that from now on, these posts will be on Friday! It just makes more sense and seems like the perfect way to kick off Fridays! Anyways, let's get started! I redesigned the blog, and I am… Continue reading The Current Sass (Weekly Favorites), Volume 3