The Best (And Easiest) Healthy Fries

If there's something you guys know about me, it's that I love fries. Fries are my favorite food, and the way to my heart. And after stumbling on to this recipe... I'm obsessed. I have made these fries thrice already in the first twenty four hours that I have known about them. They are vegan,… Continue reading The Best (And Easiest) Healthy Fries


The Easiest, Laziest, Kale Salad Ever

I love kale salads. I'm not a huge fan of lettuce or spinach based salads--there's just something about kale. I love how it tastes, and the darker and leafier the kale, the more I enjoy it. I still remember when my little brother visited and I made him a chicken kale salad, and he asked… Continue reading The Easiest, Laziest, Kale Salad Ever

The First PSL of the Season

(Low key, my eyebrows look awesome in this picture) It's been a weird transition time, weather-wise. I finally pulled out my first shirt-dress of Autumn 2016, and NEARLY convinced myself to wear the dark green suede lace-up booties that go perfectly with all of my fall clothes. I opted for my trusty Charming Charlie flats, though. I… Continue reading The First PSL of the Season

The Chicago Cupcake Taste Test (First Impressions)

The first question I know you're wondering is how this little adventure came to be. It all started about a week ago, when yours truly and her friend Ashley wanted to go to the Air and Water Show. After some mishaps with Uber, police officers on ponies, a weed truck, and a whole lot of… Continue reading The Chicago Cupcake Taste Test (First Impressions)

I Highkey Love Tea Bars

This summer I binge watched, and fell in love with Rachel Bloom's Crazy Ex Girlfriend. If you have not seen it yet--stop everything and go watch the show. It's revolutionary, funny, feminist as fuck, empowering, hilarious, and just absolutely amazing. But fair warning, if you watch this show, you will want boba.  Seriously, I cannot tell you… Continue reading I Highkey Love Tea Bars

The Unabridged Sass Version of a Summer Classic, The Tomato Sandwich

I walked into the break room today about to eat a cookie--instead I walked out with a tomato sandwich. There are certain foods that absolutely scream simplicity, chicness, and breeziness, and this is one of those foods. It is the quintessential summer sandwich, the most Goop/Preserve/Honest/Martha Stewart/Barefoot Contessa-y of all sandwiches. It's Harriet the Spy's… Continue reading The Unabridged Sass Version of a Summer Classic, The Tomato Sandwich