The Only Foundation I Don’t Hate (But LOVE)

I honestly think I have stumbled upon the best foundation ever. I have scientifically determined this because I hate foundations and this is the only one that I have found myself loving. And trust me, I am in love. Here are some things I hate about foundation: Looks heavy, cakey, and unnatural. Feels heavy on… Continue reading The Only Foundation I Don’t Hate (But LOVE)


How to Use Powder Foundation Without Looking Dusty AF

Powder foundation, in my opinion is always the easiest and fastest to apply. It's my favorite form of foundation because it's so incredibly easy and quick to put on. Mom Sass uses powder foundation and it was the first type of foundation I ever learned how to use!  However, even though I've used it for… Continue reading How to Use Powder Foundation Without Looking Dusty AF

My Favorite Drugstore Foundations

I think the WordPress app hates me--sorry to any email subscribers, this post was accidentally published because my phone was a mess! - I think one of my most asked reccomendations is always for the best drugstore foundation. Now, as you all know I prefer using tinted moisturizer (I will go more into that in… Continue reading My Favorite Drugstore Foundations