My Hairstyling Routine

I'm extremely low maintenance when it comes to my hair. I like simple, easy hair that looks like I put a whole lot of effort into it when I completely one hundred percent did not. A lot of you guys have noticed that I've been switching up my hair recently... I almost always have my… Continue reading My Hairstyling Routine

My Hair Transformation

My hair, before this whole adventure. My cousin William is a hair guru. I don't know how he does it but he can make any hair go from zero to 100. So, when he suggested a fun Friday project of giving me some highlights, I eagerly agreed. I'm not a professional, so I'm not going… Continue reading My Hair Transformation

Are Those $40 DryBar Blowouts Worth It?

Once I went to DryBar to get a blow out and it was an experience that I to this day, have not forgotten. I had booked an appointment at the Lincoln Park DryBar because I honestly wanted to see what the big hype was. All the bloggers were always talking about blow outs and going… Continue reading Are Those $40 DryBar Blowouts Worth It?

My Spontaneous Haircut + Video!

***make sure it's in 720 p or higher or else it'll look like it was filmed with a potato! So it's night, and I'm stressing out...and I'm freaking. But I got my hair cut! That's always fun, right? So, spontaneous video. I couldn't take the proper pictures to show off all the angles and aspects.… Continue reading My Spontaneous Haircut + Video!