What I Eat In A Vegan Day (Deux)

Since you guys loved the last post I made about what I eat in a vegan day, I decided to do another one! I did a long, rambling intro to the last one... so let's just get started! BREAKFAST:     On my vegan days I almost always start with fruit! I usually don't have… Continue reading What I Eat In A Vegan Day (Deux)

What I Eat in a Vegan Day

I am no stranger to vegan food or veganism. I was a vegan for a few months my sophomore year of undergrad, and back when Lolo would eat vegan foods I would have some along with her. I think that there's a certain type of appreciation that you gain once you start to enjoy vegan… Continue reading What I Eat in a Vegan Day

International Women’s Day

Happy International Women's Day, everyone! Especially during times like these, it is so important to have days like today where we celebrate women and their significant contributions! According to the International Women's Day website, "International Women's Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day… Continue reading International Women’s Day

The Best (And Easiest) Healthy Fries

If there's something you guys know about me, it's that I love fries. Fries are my favorite food, and the way to my heart. And after stumbling on to this recipe... I'm obsessed. I have made these fries thrice already in the first twenty four hours that I have known about them. They are vegan,… Continue reading The Best (And Easiest) Healthy Fries

Tips To Survive A Messy Break-up

My junior year of college, I went through the messiest break up of my life. I wish I had known all of the things I knew now, and I wish I had all of the amazing friends in my life that I do now. But that's okay--because sometimes you have to go through things to… Continue reading Tips To Survive A Messy Break-up