What Exactly Is MLS/CLS? (Explanation + FAQ!)

I knew this post was necessary because a lot of you told me that you wanted to read all about my career path and also because this is going to be my career...so it's a huge part of my life! - WHAT IS MLS/CLS? Every time I tell someone that I'm applying to an MLS… Continue reading What Exactly Is MLS/CLS? (Explanation + FAQ!)


The Current Sass (Weekly Favorites), Volume 5

So I have decided that my weekly favorites will be posted on Thursdays. Also, I have been managing to post this weekly feature continuously! I like sharing my weekly favorites with you all and the details as to what I've been up to! I think it's casual, fun and chill. Plus I like catching up… Continue reading The Current Sass (Weekly Favorites), Volume 5

I Want Your Input! (Comment or Vote!)

There has been a lot going on, needless to say. The Unabridged Sass is always transforming and changing as I learn and grow.  I think that as the blogger changes and moves forward, the blog does as well. My site has always been a nice mix of my personal lifestyle posts mixed with fashion and… Continue reading I Want Your Input! (Comment or Vote!)