Life Update and Favorites!

Let me first say that this was the longest break I've taken from blogging. It was a long, completely unintentional break that made a lot of you ask if I disappeared for good or got snatched up in the night. Thankfully, none of those things happened. But I'm here with life updates and exciting news!… Continue reading Life Update and Favorites!


My Current Beauty Wishlist

I think that a lot of bloggers will tell you that at any given moment there's something on their wish list. And for me personally, there's always something on my Sephora lust list. When I first started getting makeup I got a bunch of products over a very short period of time. From birchboxes to… Continue reading My Current Beauty Wishlist

The Current Sass (Weekly Favorites), Volume 4

So since I'm posting my Q&A post tomorrow (if you guys wanna ask any questions DM, tweet, or comment them!) I decided to do my weekly favorites on Thursday this week. Will I ever post a Weekly Favorites on a Friday? Who knows! Stay tuned. Like every week, there is a good mix of different… Continue reading The Current Sass (Weekly Favorites), Volume 4

Clarifying A Few Things… (And Thank You!)

Hello guys, So many posts today, right? Chrissey, aren't you supposed to be MIA this week?! I just wanted to write a quick post talking about that announcement that I made a few days ago. I have been getting an overwhelming amount of comments, tweets, direct messages and texts from everyone asking a bunch of different… Continue reading Clarifying A Few Things… (And Thank You!)

For The First Time On My Blog

I don't pre-schedule posts ever. Even when I go on vacation, I blog. So I hope you all understand the significance of this little letter from the editor. I've had a crazy few days (I'll share the details when I'm ready) but I'm taking the rest of this week off to really focus on a… Continue reading For The First Time On My Blog

Five Places I Want to Travel To

When I graduated and decided that I would apply for jobs nationwide, I think I shocked a lot of my friends. I love Chicago. I think it is the greatest city in the world but I'm still young and there are so many places I want to live and see. I think I'll eventually wind… Continue reading Five Places I Want to Travel To