Elevated Crochet Lace and Bright Florals´╗┐

There will be TWO fashion posts this week... on Thursday I'll have one all about shoes! But today, I have an outfit post. But before that, I wanted to give a little life update. There is... a lot going on. A lot going on with applying for programs and school and a lot going on… Continue reading Elevated Crochet Lace and Bright Florals´╗┐

Monochromatic Chic On The Streets and Chicago Sweets

OKAY, it has only been like two (three?) days since I made the big announcement that I was going to start blogging twice a week. I'm still figuring out exactly the logistical stuff (if I want to do one personal post a week and one content, or intertwine both for two posts a week... I'll… Continue reading Monochromatic Chic On The Streets and Chicago Sweets