A Fun Friday Social Media and Blog Share (Comment Your Links!)

Happy Friday, everyone! I haven't done a social media/blog share recently, so I decided to do one today! One of the best things about blogging is the community, so I'd love to get acquainted with some new people and I'm sure you all would too! Jess and I were talking the other day about how… Continue reading A Fun Friday Social Media and Blog Share (Comment Your Links!)

L’Oréal Infallible Pro Matte Gloss in Aphrodite Kiss- A Review

Some people ask me if I always have a story as to how I decide to purchase beauty products or obtain them. And the truth is, no. I never really have a normal experience where I toss them into my cart and happily go on my way. It's always after meticulous research, after a poor… Continue reading L’Oréal Infallible Pro Matte Gloss in Aphrodite Kiss- A Review

A Social Media and Blog Share (Comment Your Links!)

Hello, all! I have decided to do a different Friday post this week since I'm running around frantically last minute packing for my trip! I just wanted to let you all know that I'll be on vacation for about a week... but I'm still going to be posting! I don't think I could take a… Continue reading A Social Media and Blog Share (Comment Your Links!)

Before I Die…(My Bucket List!)

I saw that No Tomorrow was added to Netflix, and so today I decided to give it a plunge and give it a watch! And now, I'm three episodes from the season finale. For those of you that haven't seen it, basically the super logical, sensible Evie (she literally works in quality control) meets a super handsome… Continue reading Before I Die…(My Bucket List!)

Five Lipsticks For All Occasions

I'm travelling to Dallas for about a week, and in preparing and packing for the trip I realized that I needed to dwindle down the size of my makeup bag. As you all know, I use the same products everyday to do my makeup and just switch up my lipstick...so it wasn't hard to decide… Continue reading Five Lipsticks For All Occasions

What Makeup Products Do I Use?

A lot of people always ask me how I do my makeup and what products I use, so I decided to do a post of what products I use in my makeup routine! These products (except lip color) seldom change, and I am notorious for using the same products continuously. To be fully honest, I… Continue reading What Makeup Products Do I Use?

A Super Easy Spicy Vegan Sautee

This dish has a special place in my heart because it is not only ridiculously easy, but it is the very first dish I ever cooked for Lolo when we were studying for a Cell Bio lab exam. She's my only vegan friend, and so whenever I hang out with her I also eat vegan.… Continue reading A Super Easy Spicy Vegan Sautee