My Easy Makeup For Work

Something that I've been really into recently is fast, easy, simple makeup that can take me from pooped to professional in a matter of minutes. I wake up every day at around 5:00 (okay... 5:15ish) because I drive to work (and get there at 7:00), so the shorter my makeup routine, the more sleep I… Continue reading My Easy Makeup For Work


The Best Lipstick Ever

I am admittedly a lipstick junkie. When it comes to lipsticks I have way more than I could ever possibly need and that obsession was what really kick-started my interest in makeup.I started wearing makeup the summer before my sophomore year of college and went from owning five lipsticks to twenty. Literally, I could not… Continue reading The Best Lipstick Ever

Makeup Products I DON’T Use

In some ways, I am a little bit predictable when it comes to my makeup. And in other ways, I'm a little bit unexpected. Although I am always sharing with you guys new products and loves that I discover, there are actually quite a few makeup products that I do not use. A common misconception… Continue reading Makeup Products I DON’T Use

Products I Won’t Buy (Anti-Haul!)

I wanted to do a beauty post but felt like it was a little too late for a favorites post (to be honest, the only new products I've been using are body products, so I will do a post on those eventually). I haven't been tempted to buy any new products recently... new launches haven't… Continue reading Products I Won’t Buy (Anti-Haul!)

My Current Beauty Wishlist

I think that a lot of bloggers will tell you that at any given moment there's something on their wish list. And for me personally, there's always something on my Sephora lust list. When I first started getting makeup I got a bunch of products over a very short period of time. From birchboxes to… Continue reading My Current Beauty Wishlist

My Current Go-To Makeup Look

Something that always happens is that I get into a bit of a routine when it comes to makeup. Unless it's for certain occasions or I'm challenging myself to create new eyeshadow looks (like that week where I did a different Urban Decay look per day!) I usually gravitate to the same products. Recently, I… Continue reading My Current Go-To Makeup Look