10 Ways Twitter Has Improved My Blogging

Today's post is a little bit late, as I contemplated whether or not I wanted to include a shorter post on Tuesdays along with my Clever Chic Collective post. It just feels strange not chatting with you guys, I guess! I think on Tuesdays I'll share an afternoon post which will be shorter than a… Continue reading 10 Ways Twitter Has Improved My Blogging


I’m Lowkey Boring And Wear The Same Makeup Every Day

  I have a typical relationship with makeup--wore too much eyeliner in middle school, didn't really know what I was doing in high school so I didn't really wear too much, mom who was low maintenance gave me makeup tips that sufficed. Then I went to college, learned how to do my own makeup with… Continue reading I’m Lowkey Boring And Wear The Same Makeup Every Day

My Attempts at Making A Difference (Experiences in Non-profit Work)

As a young, working lady, it's common for people to ask me what industry I work in, and what exactly it is that I do. I think it comes to a huge surprise to people when I admit that I decided to forego from the typical college student job of an intern, retail sales associate,… Continue reading My Attempts at Making A Difference (Experiences in Non-profit Work)

What is The Unabridged Sass? (Redux)

Look, it's two versions of me--the GOOP-y perfectly curled hair, put together version, and the real Unabridged Sass version with messy hair and a bright floral dress who goes on terrible dates! One thing that I am always trying to do is be a better version of myself, I think that's true in all aspects… Continue reading What is The Unabridged Sass? (Redux)

Inspiration and Imitation

  (My two most-worn bags, my fauxchamp and my Kate Spade Wellesley!) I read a bunch of different sites (post on that later), but ever since I posted a picture of the Gucci Dionysus bag in Blooms, I've been thinking a lot about fashion, and the ethics of it. Specifically, carrying a designer imitation or dupe--is… Continue reading Inspiration and Imitation

The First PSL of the Season

(Low key, my eyebrows look awesome in this picture) It's been a weird transition time, weather-wise. I finally pulled out my first shirt-dress of Autumn 2016, and NEARLY convinced myself to wear the dark green suede lace-up booties that go perfectly with all of my fall clothes. I opted for my trusty Charming Charlie flats, though. I… Continue reading The First PSL of the Season