Personalizing My Macbook Air

My Macbook came last week but I refrained from blogging about it too much until all of my side-investment pieces came in too (aka the decals and the accessories). I have wanted a Macbook forever, but decided to get one before I started graduate school. However, to be honest, I wish that I had gotten… Continue reading Personalizing My Macbook Air

What is The Unabridged Sass?

Work, school, life, growing up, and the ten million other things's all really made me ask myself what I'm about. And specifically, what this blog is about. People always ask me what I blog about and what it is exactly that I do, and I always respond with, "I write about things I like."… Continue reading What is The Unabridged Sass?

I Love GoPuff (And Not Just Because They Totally Saved Me)

Because who needs guys when you can get @benandjerrys delivered by @gopuff #millennialspinsters — Chrissey (@unabridgedsass) August 14, 2016 I found out about GoPuff about a month ago, through what media. People were constantly tweeting and sharing pictures of this revolutionary company that is essentially going to eradicate convenience stores everywhere. Now don't get… Continue reading I Love GoPuff (And Not Just Because They Totally Saved Me)

Five Hours on the Phone With Tech Support and Payroll Support…

A super short post--I bought this super versatile midi dress that I've been wearing everywhere (more on that later), and I paired it yesterday with a loosely knit crochet top to make this cute little pairing that I wore to work. Literally, yesterday I was on the phone for like, five hours straight with tech support and… Continue reading Five Hours on the Phone With Tech Support and Payroll Support…

My Everyday Makeup… In Snapchat Tutorial Form

  @JackieOProblems makes me wanna do a makeup tutorial but I feel like I'm too boring for it — lil c (@meanlittleasian) July 14, 2016 I feel like since Kylie Jenner posted her Snapchat makeup tutorial, everyone has been making one. And when I saw Jackie Oshry post her Snapchat makeup tutorial, I totally wanted to film one… Continue reading My Everyday Makeup… In Snapchat Tutorial Form

I Admit It–I Love Snapchat Filters

(Different days, same dress though--hahahaha) I effing love the Snapchat filters (my favorite by far has to be the golden butterfly one, it makes me look like a superwoman goddess child), and no matter what people say, I will always love them. People are always quick to say that they're stupid, immature, childish, catfish-y, and… Continue reading I Admit It–I Love Snapchat Filters