What’s In My Kate Spade Purse? (And EXCITING News!!!)

Alright, I have a special surprise for all of you... (the OTHER exciting news will be at the end of this blog post). I have decided to make a VIDEO this time. YES. A video. Pow! Jess from PT Contender told me that I should try to give making videos another chance and so that… Continue reading What’s In My Kate Spade Purse? (And EXCITING News!!!)


When You Want To Do It All

I wrote an emergency blog post to meet my personally-dictated deadline... and fuck, guys, was today stressful. I filmed a long makeup tutorial that you guys will see on Thursday, but here is a sneak preview: It consistently refused to upload after hours so I shot an emergency upload for tonight... and guess what? That… Continue reading When You Want To Do It All

Here’s Something Shocking

 I aspire to work in the field of healthcare and I have always been constantly reminded of that decision every day of my life by my peers or classmates.  I was reminded of the fact as a young woman struggling to be taken seriously by male classmates and I was reminded every time someone questioned… Continue reading Here’s Something Shocking

Lipstick That Lasts Longer Than Your Last Relationship

This story starts like many of my stories--in a Target. I happen to love Target, by the way. I think you guys are all well aware of that but I just wanted to make sure. (I know someone is going to accuse me of being sponsored by Target, but I'm really not. I wish I… Continue reading Lipstick That Lasts Longer Than Your Last Relationship

A Spring Beauty Haul (From Clinique!)

I wanted to do a beauty haul after my trip to Daiso, but decided to wait until my order from Clinique came in! I contemplated waiting a little more until my MAC order came in (I only got one eyeshadow though...) but I got a little too excited today opening my Clinique packages. By the… Continue reading A Spring Beauty Haul (From Clinique!)

Things That Are Important

Have you guys ever sat down and tried to write a post... and nothing. Sometimes, you might even manage write the post. But then... it doesn't feel right. That is exactly how I felt when I wrote my non-beauty favorites post, it just didn't feel right... none of the post ideas felt right for me… Continue reading Things That Are Important

Elevated Crochet Lace and Bright Florals

There will be TWO fashion posts this week... on Thursday I'll have one all about shoes! But today, I have an outfit post. But before that, I wanted to give a little life update. There is... a lot going on. A lot going on with applying for programs and school and a lot going on… Continue reading Elevated Crochet Lace and Bright Florals