A Reflection of the Past Year

I've been thinking a lot about how much has changed in a year. Specifically, how much I've changed in a year. I remember how ridiculously petty and immature I acted, and how tremendously annoying I was at that time. I think about how I was so deeply unsatisfied in different parts of my life, and… Continue reading A Reflection of the Past Year


My Attempts at Making A Difference (Experiences in Non-profit Work)

As a young, working lady, it's common for people to ask me what industry I work in, and what exactly it is that I do. I think it comes to a huge surprise to people when I admit that I decided to forego from the typical college student job of an intern, retail sales associate,… Continue reading My Attempts at Making A Difference (Experiences in Non-profit Work)

The First PSL of the Season

(Low key, my eyebrows look awesome in this picture) It's been a weird transition time, weather-wise. I finally pulled out my first shirt-dress of Autumn 2016, and NEARLY convinced myself to wear the dark green suede lace-up booties that go perfectly with all of my fall clothes. I opted for my trusty Charming Charlie flats, though. I… Continue reading The First PSL of the Season

Week in Review: 9/5-9/12

I'm navigating how exactly I want to blog, and what exactly I want to blog about...it's a combination of me being constantly curious and consistently having ten million thoughts in my mind. I've kinda-sorta figured out the logistics of what I'm going to be doing regularly and what I want to accomplish...being sick in bed… Continue reading Week in Review: 9/5-9/12

What is The Unabridged Sass?

Work, school, life, growing up, and the ten million other things happening...it's all really made me ask myself what I'm about. And specifically, what this blog is about. People always ask me what I blog about and what it is exactly that I do, and I always respond with, "I write about things I like."… Continue reading What is The Unabridged Sass?

Say Yes to Adventure

It's so easy to be comfortable, and it becomes even easier to tolerate things. I'm a huge proponent of personal growth and moving forward, but sometimes you get to this point where you know that there is no more moving forward...so instead of finding a new way or a new adventure, you just get comfortable.… Continue reading Say Yes to Adventure

A Guide to…Dressing For The Job You Want

Both outfits from Extra Petite. I had an interview earlier this week, and I remember running around my room, freaking out about what to wear. Dressing for an interview is one of the most difficult situations that you can dress for, especially since there is so much at stake--you're really dressing to impress. You're selling you--and… Continue reading A Guide to…Dressing For The Job You Want